About Us

Our Core Values 

Sustainability –

Involvement in practices that decrease our negative environmental impact. 

Community Conscious – 

Using our unique direct to consumer model (D2C) we are creating a positive community impact at ground level meanwhile delivering excellent value to our consumers. 

Integrity – 

We are natural, raw, blunt and naked. Transparency is in our DNA. 

Innovation For All – 

We strive to maximize our innovation for all by developing products that are not only healthy but also tasty and affordable to masses. 

Leadership –

We believe in entrepreneurial spirit leading the way for innovation driven impact. Be it with our farmers, supply chain framework or feedback from our consumers. 

We have courage to shape a healthy future.

To be the No. 1 choice of customers across the globe for their everyday health and nutrition.

Our mission of ‘Health On Door’ is to provide consumers with most nutritious, affordable and sustainable health centric products direct from Farm-to-Table.

Our Team


Director and CEO

Amar Dubey


Director and CDO

Garvit Tamarakar


Director and CMO

Rudra Pratap Singh